Last night proved no different for the radical ANTIFA protesters in Portland. War-like scenes persisted as federal officers stood guard outside the Portland federal courthouse. Independent journalist, Drew Hernandez, captured incredible footage of ANTIFA terrorists cutting the fence into the federal courthouse…with powered saws.

We’re now at 7 weeks of rioting in Portland. What will it take to end it?

At the end of May, rioting and looting broke out in Portland, Ore., as it did in dozens of other American cities. In one night, hundreds of rioters ravaged downtown, breaking into jewelry stores, malls, and banks. They left a trail of broken windows and fires in their wake. That was seven weeks ago. And while violent protests have diminished or stopped everywhere else, it has continued and grown stronger in Portland, according to the New York Post.


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Day after day, hundreds and even thousands take to the streets and claim the territory as theirs. They cycle through a number of chants like “All cops are bastards” and “F- -k the police.” A large number of them participate in violent criminal acts such as arson and assault. They’ve made it a game to lure law-enforcement officers out of buildings so they can assault them with blinding lasers, paint, rocks and other weapons.

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Besides the violence and anarchy, what exactly do the rioters want?

As witnessed in the former “autonomous zone” in Seattle, the far-left movement in Portland has no declared “leaders.” Social media is used to decide when and where to meet, but rarely what the goal is. One faction or person may make a statement, only to have it be contradicted by another.

On Wednesday night, Mayor Ted Wheeler spoke at one of the protests for the first time. He was heckled by the crowd and a group projected a list of demands on the front of the destroyed Justice Center.

“Theodore, fancy seeing you here. These are our demands,” the statement read. It called for defunding the Portland Police Bureau by at least 50 percent, freeing all protesters from jail, kicking federal law enforcement out, and Wheeler’s resignation.

As federal officers attempt to control the violence and terrorism in American streets, radical lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bragged about legislation that she and Eleanor Norton are attempting to pass to make federal law enforcement officers identify themselves as such on their uniforms while on duty.

Unfortunately, AOC as usual is perpetuating a lie to push a radical far left agenda that Antifa is somehow a victim and law enforcement is the bad guy.

From The Nation article that AOC tweeted- Following a storm of controversy over arrests by federal agents in Portland, Ore., New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Washington, D.C., Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton will be introducing legislation this week that would require federal law enforcement officials to clearly identify themselves, according to a draft bill provided exclusively to The Nation.

The bill would require on-duty federal agents to display not just the name of their agency but also the individual agent’s last name and identification number. It would also mandate a new form of oversight for the Justice Department, requiring its inspector general to conduct routine audits to ensure compliance with the legislation.

But, here is why it’s President Trump’s constitutional duty to enforce federal law.

On Wednesday, former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy explained it’s Trump’s constitutional duty to enforce federal law following weeks of violent protests. “‘[H]e shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.’ . . . The Constitution says the president shall perform this obligation. We’re not talking about an option or something he may do or not do as he sees fit. It is a solemn duty. It is what being the chief executive is all about,” McCarthy wrote for Fox News.

McCarthy added: “The president has two principal, closely related responsibilities: to provide for national security and to see that the laws are enforced. The latter duty very much includes the protection of federal property and the execution of laws Congress has constitutionally enacted to address violent crime.”

As a matter of law and history, the commander-in-chief has such authority; there are, however, certain circumstances in which the Constitution calls for waiting until the state government has asked for federal military assistance. Enforcing federal law is an independent obligation of the chief executive. Consequently, the president and the Justice Department never have to wait for a state to ask for federal intervention.

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