Wow! Did you catch the salary Ms Richards gets paid with your taxpayer dollars? Yep, $520,000! Unreal! Federal dollars and private dollars all overlapping and going to Democrats for reelection and then back to Planned Parenthood…just one hand feeding the other to promote the radical liberal agenda. It was painful to watch the lame testimony from Ms Richards who kept claiming that the videos of the selling of baby parts were doctored. It’s really sad when people lie under oath. Ms Richards knows the videos weren’t doctored and it’s been proven they weren’t by FORENSIC ANALYSIS:Forensic Analysis of Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood Finds “No Evidence of Manipulation” The loony Democrats kept chiming in with the tired old mantra about the war on women and the false statement that the videos were doctored…Note to Democrats: THERE ISN’T A WAR ON WOMEN, JUST BABIES!

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