You have to love how the fake news media tells half of the story and just leaves out the most important point.

Rand Paul plans to have hernia surgery in Canada so the media dunked him for going to the land of ‘socialized medicine’. The problem is that Paul will be paying out of pocket for his surgery by a specialist. The clinic is a privately run healthcare facility.

This has nothing to do with Universal Healthcare!

We were able to catch some screenshots and misleading titles from the media:

USA TODAY: “Rand Paul is Going to Canada for Hernia Surgery”

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We love this Twitter post from ‘Ian’:

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He calls out Newsweek for having a title that reads:

Rand Paul, who calls universal healthcare “slavery,” will have surgery in Canada but insists hospital is private

So they put doubt in the minds of people when they say he “insists hospital is private”…

There are numerous titles and comments against Rand Paul for going to a private health care facility and paying out of pocket for surgery.

The fake news is at it again!



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