The poll below is why people shouldn’t trust polls…EVER! Always look at the sample size and breakdown of the people. Are they mostly Democrats? This popped up when “top news” was Googled. THIS IS FAKE NEWS THAT EVEN FOX NEWS IS REPORTING TODAY!

The lead story this morning from NBC is that Trump has hit “historic lows” for a president in the first 100 days…FALSE!

When we looked a little closer, we found this poll is truly bogus!

Here’s what we know:

The sample size was only 900 people!

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Please note the number of people who are “Strong Republicans” 19% – If you add the people who consider themselves to be Republicans, it’s 38%. Does this sample size reflect a fair sample size? We think not!


Here’s the take from NBC that’s totally skewed:

Forty-five percent of respondents in the survey believe Trump is off to a poor start, with an additional 19 percent who say it’s been “only a fair start.” That’s compared with a combined 35 percent who think the president’s first three months in office have been either “good” or “great.”

Trump’s 100th day in office takes place on April 29.

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By contrast, in the exact same question from April 2009 NBC/WSJ poll, 54 percent of Americans said that Barack Obama’s first 100 days had gotten off to either a good or great start, while 25 percent said they were fair, and 21 percent called them poor.

Trump’s overall job-approval rating stands at 40 percent — down four points from February. It’s the lowest job-approval rating for a new president at this 100-day stage in the history of the NBC/WSJ poll.

At this same point in time of their presidencies, Obama’s overall rating stood at 61 percent in the poll, George W. Bush’s was at 56 percent and Bill Clinton’s was at 52 percent.

By party, 82 percent of Republicans approve of Trump’s job, versus just 7 percent of Democrats and 30 percent of independents who give the president a thumbs-up.

How can this poll NOT be false when over 54% of the people they polled are Dems?

Listen to this ridiculous video saying Trump is “scrambling” – total lies!

Does anyone believe for a second that ANY of this information fed to millions of Americans is true? We don’t! We consider the sample size of 900 called on the phone to be flawed but the best indication of a poor sample is the number of Republicans is very low.

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