Since November, we have been bombarded with the lie that Joe Biden got more votes than any other president in history, despite mountains of evidence against this bizarrely unscientific theory.

Joe Biden takes an angry nap, mid-interview

Every day, the evidence continues to mount that no one likes him or followed him to the ballot box–or to Twitter.

A new quick analysis by Twitter user Bre Wylde shows that the vast majority of Biden’s Twitter followers are fake:

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How do we come to this conclusion?

According to the analysis, “over half “and “up to 70%” of Biden’s followers joined Twitter in the month of January and have 0 followers or few if any posts of their own, suggesting that they are merely created out of thin air to boost the numbers of an illegitimate president in order to make him appear popular.  This would not be the first time as this is common practice for public vanity figures who often pay foreign social media follower ‘farms’ to create profiles to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ them in order to create a perception of popularity and support.

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What makes this more pathetic is that, even with over half of his followers being fake, he still only has about 7% of the followers as president Trump who left office with nearly 89 million Twitter followers.

Could it be any more pathetic?

Oh, yes it can!

His 30,000-troop banana republic inauguration ceremony was the day when Americans would have been celebrating the victory of the president who supposedly got the most votes in history.   But, if you look at the data, we showed that viewership was dismal and the few viewers that actually watched went out of there way to let the world know that they hated him.

In fact we also showed that the only record Biden clearly broke was for least attended, creepiest, and most geriatric presidential inauguration in history.

Social media is surely a pernicious disease that is helping to rot out American culture in its current state.  We do not mean to overly exaggerate the importance of Twitter followers as it is largely just a shallow game of narcissism.

However, amidst all the antithetical evidence, you are supposed to believe that Biden not only beat Trump, but that he got the most votes in the history of American elections despite having only perhaps 3 percent of his online support after adjusting for fake followers.

This data does not make sense and you should question it because you are endowed with a brain and the intellectual tool of Western logic and critical thinking.

Don’t ever forget that.

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