President Trump and Piers Morgan did not discuss the stolen election at the end of the interview, the entire clip was heavily edited

The 30 second clip released from the interview between Piers Morgan and President Trump was set up to make it look like Trump stormed off from the interview after a brief discussion of the stolen election.

In the clips shown in the dramatic preview, Trump said to Morgan, “I think I’m a very honest man — much more honest than you, actually.”

“Really?” pressed Morgan.

“Yeah,” Trump replied.

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The British host also was shown saying that 2020 was “a free and fair election,” then tells Trump, “You lost.”

“Only a fool would think that,” Trump said.

“You think I’m a fool?” asked Morgan.

Trump said, “I do now, yeah.”

The preview then makes it seem as though the two begin talking over each other, which prompts Trump to get up and leave the set. As he walked away he is heard saying, “Turn the cameras off… very dishonest.”

The edited preview can be watched here:

However, this was not really how it went down. Trump’s team released the full audio of the interview, which reveals how heavily doctored the preview clip truly was.

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The end of the interview was dedicated in part to discussion of Covid response, which evoked Trump’s statement (clearly accurate) that he is a more honest man than Piers.

Additionally, discussion of the Russiagate hoax was brought up–which was mostly cordial.

Finally, the interview ended with discussion of President Trump’s hole in one, and NOT discussion of election fraud and a stolen election. The interview ended quite calmly and casually with no storming off.

Listen to the full audio, courtesy of Breitbart, here.


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