The family of the Asian grandmother senselessly attacked (see below) in San Francisco isn’t keeping a penny of the over $907K raised after the attack.

Last week feisty grandma Xiao Zhen Xie was one of two older women that Steven Jenkins allegedly bum-rushed on Market Street in San Francisco. Police officers arrested Jenkins, but grandma Xie got the best of him before they arrived. She fought Jenkins with a piece of wood and sent him to the hospital.

Even though grandma Xie got her hits in against her attacker, she ended up with black eyes.


After the tragic attack, grandma Xie’s family started a GoFundMe that has raised over $907k! TMZ is reporting that the original intent was to cover medical expenses, but the family just announced they are giving every penny of the money back to their community…Grandma Xie insists.



Violence against Asians seems to be on the rise in America.  We recently reported that the tragic murders in Atlanta of female Asian masseuses were bizarrely blamed on Trump by the Biden administration, despite no evidence or reason.  Reports instead suggest that the Atlanta murderer was likely motivated by more personal vendettas against females who he found attractive.  The case is fresh, and the investigation is not nearly completed.

Gurney’s 39-year-old alleged attacker

Now, a bad-ass San Francisco woman who is Asian has taken matters into her own hands.  She was allegedly attacked by a 39-year-old and left him in the hospital and taken away, bloodied on a gurney!

The Daily Mail reports:

Xiao Zhen Xie, 76, told San Francisco’s KPIX 5 that she was standing at a crossing on Market Street on Wednesday when a 39-year-old man punched her in the face.

Xie said she found a nearby stick to defend herself and started pummelling him.

Xiao Zhen Xie shows her face after being attacked

While Xie suffered eye injuries, the unidentified man was taken away on a stretcher with his face covered in cuts.

Xie then tried to go for her attacker again as he was being wheeled to an ambulance and had to be restrained by police.

“She points the wooden plank towards him while yelling: ‘You bum, why did you bully me?’ and ‘He hit me, he hit me!’ in Cantonese.

The incident comes amid a surge in hate crimes targeting Asian Americans and Asians living in the United States.

The aftermath of the San Francisco incident was caught on camera by KPIX Sports Director Dennis O’Donnell, who came upon the scene during his morning run.

Xie, who has lived in San Francisco for 26 years, recounted the attack from her retirement home. Her daughter, Dong-Mei Li, helped to translate.

They told KPIX 5 that Xie was ‘very traumatized’ and ‘very scared’ after the incident and that one of her eyes is still bleeding.

Li also said that her mother cannot see out of her left eye and has not been able to eat.

John Chen, Xie’s grandson, told KPIX 5 that his grandmother was ‘extremely terrified’ and afraid to leave her home.”

Healthcare expenses are expected to be costly as well:

“The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover Xie’s medical expenses. As of Thursday afternoon, the page had raised $67,643, exceeding its goal of $50,000.

‘She was the one that defended herself from this unprovoked attack. But she is now suffering two serious black eyes and one that is bleeding. Her wrist has also swelled up. She has been severely affected mentally, physically, and emotionally. She also stated that she is afraid to step out of her home from now on. This traumatic event has left her with PTSD.’


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