We are all well acquainted with the fact that Hollywood and the entertainment industry are overrun by liberals who have infused almost every major piece of consumable pop culture with progressivism.

Thanks to social media, especially Twitter, liberal actors have a huge platform from which they can spew forth their twisted ideology to the masses, aiding and abetting in the indoctrination of weak minded folk across America.

However, every once in a while, a celebrity says something immensely stupid online that leads to their own annihilation, which is precisely what happened to actress Alyssa Milano after she attempted to slam the NRA.

via Twitchy:

Well-known actress and gun control proponent Alyssa Milano decided to become a keyboard warrior by saying NRA and NRAYV would be considered a terrorist organization if they were run by minorities.

She had just one problem: most people saw right through her divisive ways and called her out on her racist plug for gun control.






Liberals like Milano often times have meltdowns of epic, almost biblical proportions anytime someone uses stereotypes against anyone belonging to a minority, yet here she is, doing the exact same thing, assuming that all black people think the same, vote the same, and have identical values.

Yet, since she ascribes to a lot of the worldview espoused by the left, she gets a free pass? Seems a bit hypocritical, right?

If progressives want to be taken seriously they need to start living out their ideological beliefs practically in their own lives and hold their own people accountable for their actions, including ignorant tweets like this one.

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