Hypocrisy and Infighting in the Far Left

While simultaneously believing that America is a racist country with a cruel, white supremacist society, Democrat Representative Ayanna Pressley implicitly claims that your dignity and humanity are only “affirmed” if you are allowed to live illegally in the United States. Pressley, along with fellow Democrat Rep. Mondaire, demands (not requests, mind you) that the Biden administration ceases all deportations to Haiti, effectively allowing migrants from Haiti who entered the nation through illegal channels to remain in the country even upon committing additional crimes.

Democrat Representative Ayanna Pressley
Democrat Representative Ayanna Pressley

“We write with a request as simple as it is urgent: Stop deporting and expelling people to Haiti. Now.”

From The Hill: The Biden administration has expelled more than 20,000 Haitians in 208 flights as of Tuesday, in most cases denying the Haitians a right to claim asylum in the United States.

At the center of Haitian expulsions is a Trump-era border management policy known as Title 42, which allows the Department of Homeland Security to quickly expel foreign nationals apprehended by U.S. border authorities under the auspices of pandemic sanitary protections regulated by the CDC.

The Biden administration is close to repatriating more Haitians than the last three presidents combined, noted Jones and Pressley.

Interestingly, the CDC approved and regulated policy that allows for deporting Haitians without allowing them to claim asylum is under attack now that the administration has changed. Despite general Democrat support for any and all things CDC or Fauci related, this particular policy, installed under President Donald Trump, is under scrutiny now by two radical left representatives. Could this represent a split within the Democratic party between identity politics and pandemic politics? Already, in New York, where COVID-19 vax passports are more or less a reality, there is unrest among African American and Latino residents, who statistically get vaccinated at much lower rates than white Americans do.

With hypocrisy and infighting rampant within the progressive wing of the Democratic party, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top.

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