Rapper Killer Mike, will appear in front of a SOLD OUT audience at the prestigious MIT University today.  Here’s a clip from an interview with Jew hater and racist Louis Farrakhan:

He’s a follower and admirer of this racist Jew hater. He’s clearly one of the most angry black men in the “entertainment” business. After watching this interview, you will better understand the mentality of the protestors  on the streets who are getting in the faces of cops (of whom the majority are good men and women protecting and defending the citizens within their jurisdiction). It should be noted, that “Killer Mike’s” dad was a police officer or “dirty pig” as he likes to call them.

Killer Mike views rap as social activism, and never shies away from sharing his opinions on race and abuses of power. Whether he’s condemning institutionalized corruption in “Reagan” or speaking out against police brutality with Run The Jewels’ “Close Your Eyes,” if Killer Mike thinks it’s messed up, he’s going to let you know.

This Friday, April 24, MIT students will have the chance to hear how messed up race relations are, when Killer Mike delivers a lecture titled “Race Relations in the U.S.” at the school. According to the press release, he’ll be talking about how current and advancing technology are shaping race relations. (We’re guessing that he doesn’t regard drone surveillance as a democratizing agent.) Chances are pretty good that Killer Mike will also be addressing the spate of well-publicized police shootings of young unarmed black men and their systemic social consequences.

Here is an example of the most recent “music” video by Killer Mike.  ****WARNING****Violence and strong language***


Killer Mike’s lecture is the second in MIT’s new Hip-Hop Speaker Series, which opened with Young Guru. The series is the result of a collaboration between the Arts at MIT and TapTape, an MIT-based music startup. The series’ stated goal is to bring “together leaders in hip-hop with leading faculty and students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.” That’s a perfect opportunity for a mathematics seminar featuring Dr. Octagon and Dr. Roman Bezrukavnikov, Professor of Algebraic Geometry.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.49.51 AM

While Killer Mike’s lecture certainly sounds intriguing, Friday’s lecture is exclusively available to MIT students and is already sold out. But if you’re jonesing to hear Killer Mike drop some heated words, there’s always the extremely-NSFW “Big Beast” video, featuring Bun B and T.I.

We were going to include the “Big Beast” video, but after viewing this disturbing video, which includes nudity, horrific acts of violence and an attempted rape scene, we decided against it. The driver in the video is wearing a Ronald Reagan mask because “Killer Mike” believes that all of the problems plaguing the black community are as a result of Ronald Reagan’s presidency. Please feel free to view it (if you are an adult) and you can stomach it at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8-RmM5py1c

Via: AV Club

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