It’s very interesting that all the Muslim leaders and Muslim organizations are coming out to attack Trump. Do they even know what he said? Any American who’s concerned for the safety of America should want a moratorium on Muslim immigration. Germany is currently investigating several dozen cases of ISIS soldiers sneaking in to pose as refugees. so many of the refugees have NO PAPERS and NO IDENTITY so how do we screen them? The answer is that WE CAN’T!

The Southern Poverty Law Center listed the Nation of Islam as one of three hate groups in Central Virginia, a title the group strongly denies. The group is now the latest focus of an NBC12 series on “Hate in Virginia,” and while that is a sensitive topic, this report’s aim is to help open up more of a dialogue.

The N.O.I. is a religious organization or movement founded in 1930. The group has a thriving community in the heart of downtown Richmond. It has grown into one of the wealthiest and most infamous organizations in America given what some call their anti-white and anti-gay rhetoric.

“Their goal is to destroy America,” said Craig Johnson, a former member of a black separatist group, and offshoot of the Nation of Islam. “These people are poverty pimps. They need hatred, anger and ignorance in order to thrive.”

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