Ernesto Ramirez, of Austin Texas, lost his 16-yr-old son Ernesto Ramirez (“Junior”), only 5 days after he received the Pfizer COVID jab. Mr. Ramirez admits that he caved to the propaganda he kept hearing about the safety of the COVID jab and decided to trust the messages he was hearing about how it [the COVID jab] was safe for his son.

Yesterday, Mr. Ramirez testified in front of Senator Ron Johnson in Washington DC about the shocking death of his only son. His only son collapsed playing basketball. His death was blamed on myocarditis.

“It was like playing Russian Roulette,” Mr. Ramirez said. “My government lied to me!” Ramirez told the Senator.
“He was my baby boy. Everybody knew it. When I would come home from work, he came running out and gave me a hug. Now, I come home to an empty house,” Ramirez said as he choked back the tears.

“Next week is his birthday. You know where I’m gonna celebrate his birthday at?” he asked. “While everybody, once we leave here they’re gonna forget about what we talked about—they’re gonna be enjoying time with their family and kids,” he said, as choked back the tears. “Thanksgiving I’m gonna spend at the cemetery. Christmas, at that cemetery,” he said through sobs.

A frustrated Ramirez explained why he traveled to DC to testify about the death of his teenage son. They need to stop pushing this on our children. I lost mine. I need to protect yours,” he exclaimed. “They’re trying to target 5-12-year-old kids? We’re going to have more deaths on our hands than we planned!” he warned. The emotional single dad explained, “They say it’s worth the risk. It wasn’t worth the risk. My son meant the world to me.” He warned, “So don’t make the mistake I did. I did it because I thought it was the correct thing to do. It wasn’t.”


In a very moving moment, the single dad told Senator Johnson, “As I’ve always said, I love the hell out of my country but I don’t trust the government anymore.”


Life Site News created a video of Mr. Ramirez and his journey to spread his message to other parents about his son’s death.

Ernesto posted a heartbreaking photo of himself standing next to his son in the casket:

Ernesto talked to Life Site News about the cause of his son’s death:

Ernesto is part of a group called Bikers for Christ. His group helped to pay for his son’s fundraiser.  You can help Ernesto spread the word about how his son died by donating at the LifeFunder site HERE.

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