Numerous reports show that ANTIFA and BLM were present at the capitol chaos on Wednesday, January 6th, after President Donald Trump’s monumental rally that saw perhaps a million people peacefully attend.

We know that Antifa and much of BLM adore the idea of organizing violent government overthrows of non-leftists.  We have previously reported that advertisements for armed organized violence on Instagram were being distributed online to organize opposition to Trump at the capitol on January 6th, 2021.

We also know that BLM and ANTIFA are not opposed to playing dress-up as Trump supporters in order to cause mayhem that will be blamed on Trump supporters.  A November 4th advertisement shows this, clearly:

Antia Advertisement for November 4th

We also showed you reports and photos of multiple BLM and ANTIFA members present at the capitol on Wednesday, some armed with weapons, illegally. The photos and video do not lie and their numbers keep growing.

Yet, the FBI is now claiming that “there is no evidence of Antifa involvement” in any of the chaos at the capitol on Wednesday.  The fact that the FBI simply says it will be enough to have every legacy media outlet run with the story, despite the evidence, as is being done with the massive election fraud in the 2020 election.

Who do you trust more:

Your own ears and eyes, or the corrupt FBI that claims there was no election fraud in 2020 and has acted in opposition to American interests for years, but eagerly salivates at the idea of investigating what they assume will be Trump supporters and the incestuous media, corporations, and politicians that all back them?

We are being lied to by our government.  We cannot let it continue or we will become just like authoritarian China within months, not years.

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