Yesterday, Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), sent a letter to Biden AG Merrick Garland after an FBI whistleblower provided ‘a protected disclosure’ revealing that “the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division is compiling and categorizing threat assessments related to parents, including a document directing FBI personnel to use a specific “threat tag” to track potential investigations.”

Here is a portion of the letter from Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan (R-OH) to AG Garland:

The email was sent by Carlton L. Peeples, “on behalf of the FBI’s Assistant Director for the Counterterrorism Division and the Assistant Director for the Criminal Division.

The evidence – an email sent the day before Garland testified on October 21 – “referenced your October 4 directive to the FBI to address school board threats and notified FBI personnel about a new “threat tag” created by the Counterterrorism and Criminal Divisions.” The email directed FBI personnel to apply this new threat tag to all “investigations and assessments of threats specifically directed against school board administrators, board members, teachers, and staff. 

This disclosure provides specific evidence that federal law enforcement operationalized counterterrorism tools at the behest of a left-wing special interest group against concerned parents. We know from public reporting that the National School Boards Association coordinated with the White House prior to sending a letter dated September 29 to President Biden labeling parents as domestic terrorists and urging the Justice Department to use federal tools including the Patriot Act- to target parents.

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Just five days later, on October 4, you issued a memorandum directing the FBI and other Departmental components to address a purported “disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence” at school board meetings!

As the whistleblower’s disclosure shows, the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division quickly effectuated your directive. The FBI’s actions were an entirely foreseeable-and perhaps intended result of your October 4 memorandum.

The NSBA Board of Directors later apologized for its letter to President Biden, writing: “On behalf of NSBA, we regret and apologize for the letter.”

You, however, have stubbornly refused to rescind your directive, even though you testified that the NBA letter was the basis for your October 4 memorandum. Your directive to the FBI therefore remains in effect.

This whistleblower disclosure calls into question the accuracy and completeness of your testimony before the Committee. At best, if we assume that you were ignorant of the FBI’s actions in response to your October 4 memorandum at the time of your testimony, this new evidence suggests that your testimony to the Committee was incomplete and requires additional explanation. If, however, you were aware of the FBI’s actions at the time of your testimony, this evidence shows that you willfully misled the Committee about the nature and extent of the Department’s use of federal counterterrorism tools to target concerned parents at school board mectings.

Here’s an image of the document (email) from Carlton L. Peeples of the FBI Inspection Division that was provided to the Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee by the FBI whistleblower:

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Conservative Treehouse – Despite the obvious instructions to the FBI, Attorney General Merrick Garland previously gave testimony before congress denying that parents who attended school board meetings were being targeted by an FBI Counterterrorism task force.  However, today the House Judiciary Committee has received a ‘whistleblower complaint’ showing the FBI is indeed using the Counterterrorism Division as the tool to target parents. [Document Source]

On Oct. 26, Senator Tom Cotton unloaded on Joe Biden’s radical, far-left Attorney General Merrick Garland during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing this afternoon over the DOJ’s threatening letter to parents who are demanding school boards across America stop sexualizing our children, indoctrinating them with the racist CRT curriculum and mandating that they wear masks to school.

Senator Cotton asked AG Garland about when the threatening letter was prepared: “You’ve cited, as the basis for that directive, the National School Board Association’s letter of September 29th.  Was that directive being prepared before September 29th, before the school board association letter was issued?”

“I don’t believe so, certainly, I didn’t have any idea…” Garland replied.

Cotton continued, “Okay. So, it was only prepared after—okay. I think that answers the question.”

AG Garland deflected the question about his alleged directive.

The new whistleblower information directly contradicts Garland’s sworn testimony.

Watch the heated exchange here:

According to the whistleblower report, however, the day before AG Merrick Garland testified to congress, the FBI instructed all national heads of the Counterterrorism Division to begin using internal tags to create a notification list containing the names of parents they considered to be domestic extremists.

Christopher F. Rufo shared the letter from Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and the whistleblower doc. (See below)

Here is a close-up image of the letter to Biden AG Merrick Garland from Ranking House Judiciary Committee Member Jim Jordan:

Is it just me, or is anyone else starting to feel like it’s becoming increasingly clear that everyday Americans whose ideology doesn’t align with the new Communist-Democrat Party are coming under attack by our own government and government agencies?

And to think that we are only into month 10 of this corrupt administration—Lord help us!

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