For the last several weeks, gun control has been the number one hot button issue the left has desperately been pushing, all due to the horrific shooting at a Parkland, Florida high school that left 17 people dead.

Time and time again we hear liberals demand strict gun laws and ignore the fact that a person bent on murdering innocent people or terrorizing citizens will find a way, regardless of whether or not guns are banned or “controlled.”

A prime example of this is the serial bombings happening in Texas. The fifth of these package bombs exploded at a FedEx distribution center near San Antonio, Texas.

Here’s what was in the bomb:

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The Free Beacon is reporting:

Officials did not say if the latest incident was the work of what Austin police believe could be a serial bomber responsible for the four earlier devices that killed two people and injured four others.

The blast at the FedEx facility in Schertz, northeast of San Antonio, was the fifth in the state in the last 18 days. If it is linked to the others, it would be the first outside the Austin area and the first that involves a commercial parcel service.

“We are investigating it as being possibly related to our open investigation,” FBI spokeswoman Michelle Lee told the Austin American-Statesman newspaper. “We can’t know for sure until we have an opportunity to look at the evidence itself.”

The package, filled with nails and metal shrapnel, exploded shortly after midnight local time at the facility, about 65 miles south of Austin, the San Antonio Fire Department said on Twitter.

The company described it as a FedEx Ground sorting facility. About 75 people were working at the facility at the time, fire officials said.

As if that isn’t terrifying enough, officials are also investigating a
hazardous materials incident at an Austin FedEx facility, though at this time there’s nothing concrete to connect it to the recent bombings.

The first three bombs were packages that were dropped off at homes located in residential neighborhoods in Austin. The fourth went off on Sunday evening on the city’s west side. Authorities stated this particular device was detonated by a trip wire and was a much more advanced bomb than the previous ones.

This has led authorities to believe the individual or group involved in these incidents are highly trained in explosives.

One has to wonder where all the progressives are at right now, because they really should be holding rallies to demand making bombs be made illegal.

Bombs are the preferred method of mayhem in this case and as such they should be banned and bomb control laws passed. Right?

The bottom line here is that if someone really wants to do damage, they will find a way. The problem is human evil and until that becomes the focus of solutions to prevent these situations, nothing is going to change.

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