It’s just beginning…A huge crowd is arriving in DC tonight for tomorrow’s massive pro-Trump rally. Video tonight shows a large crowd of hundreds trying to meet up at BLM Plaza. The police tried to stop the crowd, who shouted, “Fight for Trump!” The DC police use mace to try and keep the crowd away from Black Lives matter Plaza:

People from all over the country are joining together to show their support for President Trump and against the fraudulent 2020 presidential election. Mountains of evidence of voter fraud are being ignored, so the people are fed up and showing up in DC to protest the fraud.

Look for live reports tomorrow from 100% FED Up!

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Brendan Gutenschwager is on the scene of the massive gathering that keeps building:

The crowd shouts “F**k Antifa!” as they gather in DC:

The crowd shouted, “Fight for Trump!”

This is what patriotism looks like:


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