When watching the video of a hysterical 5-year-old boy who was dumped at the border, the first question that comes to mind is: Where the heck are his parents? The Democrats are saying the parents of this young boy are planning on meeting him in the U.S. Is this the policy the U.S. wants for our border? One where young children are pawns in the game of smuggling for profit? This is sick.

Now that Biden has removed Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, there will be more and more of this invasion, and the children will continue to be used as pawns by smugglers.

Watch below as the panel on  The Five discusses the video that has gone viral:

The insipid Jen Psaki was asked about this video today during the White House press briefing:

This isn’t the first abandoned child. In early April, two abandoned children were found by San Diego Border Patrol:

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A scene that played out earlier this week is playing out again in San Diego. Border Patrol agents have rescued two more unaccompanied minors found abandoned by unknown adults where the border wall ends at the side of a mountain. A young boy who was also abandoned was also found this week. The alarming trend is evident with the San Diego sector recording a 64% increase this year in unaccompanied children cases.

CBS8 reports the siblings, ages five and six, were reportedly hoisted over large boulders by two unknown adults who left them there.

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“Reports were they were crying, noticeably upset obviously being left there, but seemed to be in good health. They were taken back to the station and medically evaluated,” said Border Patrol spokesperson Jeff Stephenson.

“They had the mother’s name and phone number written on their arm. They also had a handwritten note essentially with the same information on it,” Stephenson said.

According to statistics released by USBP, agents apprehended more than 18,800 unaccompanied minors in March, nearly double the amount detained in February.

In many cases, parents are working with smugglers to get their children across because the Biden administration isn’t turning kids back.

Similar scenes are playing out all over the country, and it will only worsen if the border isn’t closed. A report from local San Diego news shows shocking reports that the border is wide open and people are flooding through:

“The Word Got Out That The Doors Are Open:”

KUSI, San Diego: Thanks To Biden, Border Gates Are “Stuck Wide Open & People Are Walking Through”


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