The effort to recall Seattle’s far-left radical Socialist city council member, Kshama Sawant has begun.  And it is asking for your help, here.

Sawant supported Antifa and BLM members’ raid City Hall, defunding the police, and the Seattle CHOP autonomous zone.  The list of her anti-American acts is nearly endless.  One wonders how the people of Seattle ever elected such a person several years ago.

Kshama Shawant

Law Enforcement Today Reports:

Sawant, from the Socialist Alternative party, has been a member of the Seattle City Council since 2014, representing District 3.  Her “About” page on the website states that she “ran on a platform of fighting for a $15/hr minimum wage, rent control and taxing the super-rich to fund mass transit and education.”

Although the website also boasts that Sawant “only accepts the average workers’ wage and donates the rest of her six-figure salary to building social justice movements,” things are apparently not what they seem when it comes to Sawant’s “average” salary and implied relationship with lower-income persons. 

Jason Rantz reports that Sawant, who has a net worth of $550,000, donates most of her salary to the Kshama Sawant Solidarity Fund, and that the “majority of the donations made its way back to Sawant via Socialist Alternative.”

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The website also states that Sawant has been a member of Socialist Alternative since 2006, and that she was a supporter of the Occupy Movement.

More recently, Sawant has been a prominent voice in the movement to defund the Seattle Police Department, joining last year with her fellow city council members in a call to cut the police budget by 50 percent.

In addition, she took three additional actions in 2020 that prompted one of her constituents to put forth a recall effort.

The official Recall Kshama Sawant website details these actions as follows:

  1. “Misuse of City of Seattle Council Office Resources to Promote a Ballot Initiative or Other Electioneering (Jan-February 2020)”
  2. “Misuse of Councilmember Sawant’s Official Position in Admitting Hundreds of Individuals Illegally into City Hall Afterhours (June 9, 2020)”
  3. “Using Her Official Position as City Councilmember to Lead a Protest March to Mayor Jenny Durkan’s Private Residence Whose Location is in the State Confidential Program (July 3rd 2020)”

In the first instance, Sawant used her official email account, constituent email list, and city-hosted website to push for the Tax Amazon Campaign, a move to increase taxes on large businesses to fund COVID-19 relief and the Green New Deal.

In the second instance, Sawant allowed throngs of Black Lives Matter protesters into City Hall after hours on the night of June 9, 2020, when the building was closed to the public due to coronavirus restrictions.  Supreme Court documents affirm that doing so “endangered the safety of city workers and other individuals.”

In the third instance, Sawant led a Black Lives Matter march in July 2020 to the home of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.  Supreme Court documents confirm that Sawant knew at the time that Durkan’s address “was protected under state confidentiality laws.”

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The full explanation of her radical anti-American career as well as the recall effort can be found here.  We encourage our readers to read up if they want to know the true nature of this woman and the ideologies that America must fight against from within if we are ever to be great again.

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