Maxine Waters is one angry woman. She has gone non-stop with attacks on President Trump since he was elected. Speaking to the Westchester-Playa Democratic Club at an LA church in April, Waters defended illegal immigrants, saying America is “their country.” No, America is not their country.

“This is their country!”


“But, we’ve got to resist that. We’ve not only got to resist that, we’ve got to stand up for our friends, for our neighbors.”

It is “what God would have us do”

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“I’m hoping and praying that this wall will never be built, and if we impeach him, we know it’s not going to get built.”


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‘Auntie’ Maxine has a big wall so why can’t the rest of America have a wall? Walls must be for the little people…

Speaking of walls, look at this giant wall around your mansion, @repmaxinewaters #WallsWork #VoteOmarNavarro2018

— Omar Navarro (@RealOmarNavarro) September 11, 2017

A wall is good enough for Maxine Waters’ mansion, but she doesn’t think the country should have one to protect against illegal immigration.

Waters’ opponent, Omar Navarro, posted video of a hedge wall surrounding the congresswoman’s property that protects her from the unwashed masses.

Waters’ home is in Hancock Park, a tony neighborhood in Los Angeles, which he said is outside the 43rd congressional district in California.

Here’s a Google street view of the property:

Both Zillow and House Canary — two website that estimate the value of residential properties — report Waters’ home on Lucerne Boulevard is valued at $3.9 million.

Waters has said that she plans to impeach Trump to stop him from building a wall to protect the United States.

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