On Sunday, President Trump announced that the U.S. was designating Antifa, the violent ‘anti-fascist group,’ as a “terror organization.”


Since his tweet, multiple images and videos have been shared on social media, pointing to Antifa as the key factor in violent riots and property destruction during what were supposed to be peaceful protests over the death of George Floyd. Reports of bricks showing up in neat piles near bus stops and other prominent locations in large cities where no construction is taking place have been happening across America.

The video below shows police officers in Brooklyn, NY stopping to pick up plastic bins loaded with bricks from a street corner and loading them into their vehicle.

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Earlier this week, we shared a video of a black woman confronting a vehicle filled with young white people dressed in signature Antifa clothing, for giving a group of young black men a brick to throw during the George Floyd protests.

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In an incredible video that’s being shared on social media, a black woman can be seen walking up to a red Mercedes parked on the side of the street with a brick in her hand. She walks up to the back window on the passenger side and confronts a woman in the back seat, “Excuse me,” she says, opening the back door with her right hand, while holding the brick in her left hand. “Bitch, don’t give no group of black men a brick!” she shouts at her.

The girl in the back seat appears to be nervous, answering, “Ok—ok, you’re right, you’re right,” as the man in the front seat says, “I’m sorry.”

“Why would you give that to them?” she asks, adding, “They’re gonna get in trouble!”

Watch the exchange here:


Former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik shared a map yesterday, that showed where the riots took place the night before,  asking “Is there anyone that truly believes that this was not an organized event?

For anyone who thinks the brick-throwing that’s taking place across America is spontaneous, check out this video:


Watch this black person who videotaped a random group of bricks stacked up next to a bus stop.

CBS News’ Catherine Herridge reported today on the scope of Antifa planning and acts of terror. According to Herridge the attacks we’re seeing across America are planned and coordinated. Many on the left, including Democrat lawmakers, continue to attack the violent terror group, even after it was revealed that they’re responsible for much of the violence.

Herridge tweeted:

DHS intelligence note June 2 obtained @CBSNews assesses “some violent opportunists have become more emboldened following a series of attacks against law enforcement during the last 24 hours nationwide.” Also addresses reports pre-staged bricks “Although we have been unable to verify the reporting through official channels, the staging of improvised weapons at planned events is a common tactic used by violent opportunists, and an increase in reports of staging of these materials at separate locations could be indicative that local coordination to infiltrate protests is increasing. We lack reporting indicating individuals are coordinating violence across multiple jurisdictions.”

Minnesota officials said the extremists appear to be using stolen vehicles to transport incendiary devices, gasoline and other contraband, according to the Washington Times.

A man, Matthew Lee Rupert, 23, was arrested by police after allegedly passing out incendiary devices and encouraging people to attack targets and police in Minneapolis.

From CNN:

After handing an explosive device to another rioter and telling the person to throw it at police SWAT officers, the complaint states that Rupert is heard on video saying “He’s throwing my bombs,” adding, “He’s going to bomb the police with them.”

After an audible explosion is heard, Rupert is heard saying, “Good shot my boy,” according to the complaint, as well as, “F*** 12,” a derogatory phrase often directed at law enforcement.
On one video, the complaint alleges Rupert asked for lighter fluid, entered a Sprint cell phone store, and is later heard on video saying, “I lit it on fire.”

On May 31, the criminal complaint said Rupert posted Facebook videos depicting himself in Chicago. In one video, Rupert is heard saying, “Let’s start a riot,” and “I’m going to start doing some damage,” according to the complaint. He is then seen on video entering a convenience store and placing items in his backpack, according to the complaint.

Police picked him up in Chicago for violating curfew and found more “destructive devices.”

The guys behind starting a fire with incendiary devices at a Minnesota courthouse:


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