What do you think about Hillary’s new nickname? Did Trump go too far or should he have gone even further?

We all know that Donald Trump has a unique way of referring to his opponents, from calling Marco Rubio “little Marco” and Ted Cruz “lyin’ Ted.”

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Yesterday, Trump in Dexter, New York revealed a nickname for his rival on the opposite side of the aisle, labeling the Democratic front-runner “crooked Hillary.”

“I’m not controlled by the special interests and the lobbyists. And they control crooked Hillary, and they control lyin’ Ted Cruz, right?” he said.

The GOP front-runner had earlier teased the possibility of nicknaming Hillary Clinton in a special interview on Hannity, saying “a pretty good one” would soon be revealed.

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“So many nicknames, and he’s been so effective with it,” commented Pete Hegseth.

“Between Benghazi and private servers and the Clinton Foundation… Hey, the word ‘crooked’ fits pretty well.”

Anna Kooiman noted that Trump has “a way of exposing whatever weakness the candidate has.”

Clinton, for her part, responded in an interview with ABC News, saying she “really could care less” about the new nickname.

“He can say whatever he wants to say about me,” she said. “I don’t respond to Donald Trump and his string of insults about me.”

Here is Trump letting the crowd know he’ll reveal the name in a month:

A month later, Trump remained true to his word. He reveals “Crooked Hillary” to his supporters:

Via: FOX News

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