Here is a screen shot of the Facebook post by Warren, MI Mayor Jim Fouts where he explains what happened to him at the Democrat Debate last night. It’s interesting that the Mayor accuses the Democrat party of using “totalitarian control” to silence him. Where the heck has he been for the last several decades? I mean, no one forced him to be a Democrat, and certainly nothing has changed in decades if not for centuries. The Democrat party just seems to be more open about their unscrupulous behavior now, since stealing and cheating their fellow Americans seems to be more acceptable under the reign of their Community Organizer In Chief .

fouts facebook screen shot

Maybe the real reason they didn’t want the Mayor at the debate is because the Democrat Mayor lauded GM valet driver, Didarul Sarder, a concealed carrier, who stopped a woman from stabbing her mother to death at the GM Tech Center last month. Fortunately Didarul Sarder was able to prevent any further stabbing by threatening the aggressor with his gun. Sarder was  also able to hold her at gunpoint until the police were able to arrive. Any Democrat Mayor who celebrates a concealed carry hero is not someone who the gun-grabbing Hillary wants supporting her campaign.

Here’s a screen shot of the loving daughter who stabbed her mother so many times, she was clinging to life by a thread.


Watch dramatic video here:

The man who broke up a stabbing at the General Motors Tech Center last week was honored Thursday for stopping a crime that could have ended worse.

Didarul Sarder was given a proclamation from Warren Mayor Jim Fouts and a $1,000 gift certificate to a Shelby Township jewelry store.


“My first reaction was to try to save this woman’s life,” the Warren resident said when he saw a 32-year-old woman stabbing her 52-year-old mother multiple times outside the main door of one of the buildings on the automaker’s Warren campus on Van Dyke.

Said Fouts: “Any of us — we never know when we’ll need a Didarul Sarder. Without his help, I believe the woman would’ve passed away.”

Sarder intervened, but how he did it nearly cost him his job.

Legally licensed to carry a weapon, Sarder pointed his gun at the younger woman and gave a warning — drop the weapon or I’ll shoot — and the woman complied.

Didarul Sarder
Didarul Sarder


The problem is, Sarder’s employer, Chicago-based contractor SP Plus, and General Motors, which contracts with the valet service, have a no-gun policy at the tech center.

GM interceded on Sarder’s behalf and SP Plus agreed he should keep his job, with the understanding he would comply with the no guns policy. He returned to work Monday.

The incident happened around 9:17 a.m. last Wednesday when Sarder heard from the valets he manages that a woman was being attacked. Video shown at Thursday’s event shows Sarder, 32, ran through the building’s lobby, got outside and saw a woman being stabbed. He pulled his gun and ordered her attacker to stop.

The aggressor is facing charges and the victim is recovering in the hospital.

Fouts said if his political role model, President Harry Truman, were around, Sarder might have received a presidential proclamation, not just a mayoral one. Via: Detroit News

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