A Florida restaurant owner has announced that he is removing Bud Light from his restaurant’s menu after the beer company’s controversial partnership with trans social media figure Dylan Mulvaney.

On Monday, Joe Penovich, the owner of the Grills Restaurants chain, announced that, due to conflict with his “Biblical faith,” his establishments will no longer be serving Bud Light.

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“It is true we have made the decision to remove Bud Light because of their support of something that is in direct opposition to our Biblical faith,” Penovich wrote in a Facebook post.

The owner also addressed rumors that were swirling on social media that Grills managers hurled homophobic slurs in front of customers while employees threw out Bud Light cans.

Penovich condemned these rumors and clarified that he has no judgment or hate for Mulvaney or the gay community. Rather, he is concerned with the growing transgenderism movement and the “corporate greed” displayed by Anheuser-Busch.

Dylan Mulvaney

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“Myself, management, and our employees are devastated by the fact that this post deeply hurt members of the gay community and our employees that we have cared about and treated with the same non-judgmental respect we have given everyone for over 25 years,” Penovich wrote.

“It is true we made the decision to remove Bud Light because of their support of something that is in direct opposition to our Biblical faith,” said Penovich. “There is no judgement [sic] in our heart concerning those who believe in these rapidly changing social values. But there is a lie being levied that we and other Christians hate Dylan Mulvaney and the gay community. Nothing could be further from the truth in our hearts and minds.”

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“Our decision was made with many tears for this circumstance and what we see as corporate greed and a deeper spiritual reality coming upon this world.”

“Setting aside a deeper dive into our Biblical viewpoints for now, we believe transgenderism is a social experiment causing irreversible damage to a growing population of younger and younger children,” Penovich continued. “We will not align with it in any way.”

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