In what should be an Aprils Fool’s joke but isn’t, Bud Light opted to make Dylan Mulvaney the face of Bud Light.

Trans activist Dylan Mulvaney is a 25-year-old biological male from San Diego. Mulvaney was invited to the White House in 2022 for an interview with Joe Biden. In the interview, Biden and Mulvaney discussed trans rights, abortion rights, climate change, criminal legal reform, gun legislation, and economic stability. Mulvaney has been documenting the transition into “girlhood” on social media in a video series called “Days of Girlhood.” Less than a year ago, Mulvaney identified as a man and is now celebrated as a female and a virtue-signaling prop for the Biden administration. Mulvaney is also a big advocate for trying to normalize women having a ‘bulge’ in their shorts and insists they shouldn’t be stared at for appearing like a woman and still having male genitalia.

Mulvaney is now being promoted by a beer company that clearly has no idea who its customer base is and must be okay with risking the financial health of the company or is receiving funding for the publicity stunt.
The real joke will likely be on the company’s shareholders whose wallets might personally experience “Going woke and going broke.”
Oli London, whose Twitter page description says he is against groomers, understands the trans issue personally. London has written a book called Detransition: A Memoir about his journey. He tweeted a description of the book in which he shares his personal journey.
“How one man’s struggles with self-identity & detransition lays challenge to the very foundations of the gender ideology movement.”

London also tweeted a response to Bud Light’s ridiculous decision to promote Mulvaney, saying, “The beer brand even made a special edition Dylan Mulvaney Can celebrating his 365 days of girlhood. This is not April Fools; it’s actually real.”

London has denounced the call for trans violence and condemned the Nashville shooting perpetrated by a trans activist who took the lives of 3 nine-year-old children and three adults. While the trans community was quick to defend Audrey Hale. The Trans Resistance Network released a statement claiming that Audrey Hale is a victim of the shooting as well as those who Hale killed. The statement says that Hale “had no other effective way of being seen than to lash out and take the life of others.” The letter also accused right-wing people of wanting the “genocidal eradication of trans people from society.”

London responded by saying the, “Trans Community is NOT under attack!

-Children are under attack

-Women are under attack

-Parents are under attack

-Christians are under attack

The trans community is not under attack because they are the ones attacking everyone else.

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