Black Lives Matter demonstrators converged on fans at a St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball game then unfurled a banner during the third inning of the game. After the game, fans coming out to go home had to walk through the over 200 protesters. It got ugly with mace and arrests of the protesters. One of the protesters posted a video of the banner being unfurled in the stadium:

They were protesting the acquittal of a white former police officer who was accused of murdering a black suspect. This has been going on for two weeks now. The city of St. Louis is being held hostage by these Black Lives Matter protesters since the verdict came in on the police officer.


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If protesters want to win friends and influence people then they might want to stop disrupting baseball games. Not a smart tactic!

The banner displayed Friday night over the upper-deck railing in the left-field had a Cardinals mascot drawn on it, and read ‘Racism Lives Here’ and ‘Stop Killing Us’. The mascot’s jersey read ‘#ExpectUs’.

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Protesters unveiled the banner during the third inning and began chanting ‘No Justice. No Baseball’ and ‘You can’t stop the revolution’.
The incident comes two weeks after a judge acquitted white former officer Jason Stockley, 36, of first-degree murder in the 2011 shooting death of drug dealing suspect Anthony Lamar Smith, a 24-year-old black man, following a police chase.

On Friday, the chanting in Busch Stadium was met with boos or indifference from fans on the final weekend of the regular season, according to video shot by the protesters.

After several minutes of chanting, the demonstrators were ushered out of the Busch Stadium, where the Cardinals lost to the Brewers 5-3.

They then joined 200 other people in a march before the group was confronted by police in riot gear, who used a Taser on one and pepper spray on others, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reported.

‘We dropped the banner, we chanted, we held the space,’ one of the demonstrators, Shell Eik, said on a live video after leaving the stadium.

‘We got some people real uncomfortable, we pissed off some people, we got to drop a banner. Our voices got heard, we disrupted,’ she observed.

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