Recently, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has gotten into hilarious hot water for questionable statements regarding her experiences in Washington DC on January 6th. In recent weeks she has also condemned the protests and the unrest at the capitol while refusing to condemn antifa and BLM violence throughout 2020.  We assume this silence includes the leftist riots during President Trump’s inauguration in 2016.


This has led to the name “Alexandria Ocasio Smollett” to trend on Twitter, referring to another pathological liar, Jussie Smollett, who made up stories about a fake near-death experience at the hands of fictitious white racist Trump supporters in liberal Chicago in order to self-aggrandize and push an anti-Trump narrative.

But, it turns out that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez once joined protesters who stormed the capitol and actually occupied Nancy Pelosi’s office in 2018:

“I just want to let you know how proud I am of each and every single one of you for putting yourselves and your bodies on the line!…It is so incredibly important” she exclaims to the new leftist occupiers of Pelosi’s office in 2016

She gave high fives to everyone in the room and went on to describe how this, like everything else, is all about her and how everyone who occupied that building is merely an extension of her transcendent body:

“I shared my story that my journey here started at Standing Rock and started with everyday people doing exactly what you all are doing standing with allies…because we don’t have a choice. We DO NOT have a choice.”

So, according to Sandy Cortez, we have no choice but to protest our government by storming the capitol and occupying its offices.

Got it.

This mirrors comments she made on Twitter as well, suggesting that protests and occupations and anything that was necessary to make “folks uncomfortable” was acceptable:

Crazy Ocasio Cortez, who never misses an opportunity for a self-aggrandizing truth-distortion, also once stood next to a fence while pretending to cry in 2019. Her feigned emotions had something to do with witnessing detained immigrants in cages and terrible living conditions 1st-hand with her very own eyes. So, to highlight the solemn occasion she wore bright red lipstick and bright white clothing so you would think of both sex and purity at the same time.

Because, this wasn’t about her:

And it definitely isn’t about her adventure-slumming $600 watch:

And, it certainly wasn’t about the fact that the entire thing was staged.  Or that no children or immigrant encampment could even be seen from where she was.  Or that where she was was simply an entrance road that had a fenceless opening just outside of the frame that led to an alleged holding facility that no one could see:

Fake leftist fact-checkers of Politifact tried to claim the photos were legitimate, completely missing the point and therefore being proven false.

Most recently, though, AOC has taken to calling her ideological opponents murderers and killers with absolutely no fear of being labeled as a hyperbolic nutcase who is inciting people to dehumanize anyone who disagrees with them even slightly:

Cruz has become somewhat of a tepid conservative conservative in his actions, but he is certainly not guilty of murder.  Yet, no one cares that AOC makes such accusations and perpetually lies and distorts the truth to make a leftist narrative seem true.

So, AOC loves to lie and distort truth to give her a political advantage.  This is not shocking, but it should not just make you laugh.

For years this behavior has become normalized and accepted, not just in politicians, but in the media that covers them.  And, only if they are on the left.  This is how we have gotten to where we are today: by legitimizing and lionizing terrible people like Ms. Alexandria Ocasio Smollett.

America has a narcissism problem; Americans have become too quick to trust emotionally compelling but unstable and untrustworthy people.  They have been numbed by media into believing that push-pull bipolarism and unhinged manipulative emotional supremacy is normal and reasonable rather than just a useful tool to create compelling fiction.

AOC is a compelling, humorous, and manic fictional antagonist from a dramedy starring Zooey Deschanel and Ryan Reynolds who has somehow sprung to life in a real world where entertainment and attention has stamped out critical thinking.

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