True to the ignorant yet arrogant leftist rhetoric spreading across the country, California Gov. Gavin Newson announced Monday that he would have California stockpile an abortion drug after Mifepristone, another abortion drug, was placed on temporary hold to ensure that it is safe for women who are prescribed it for abortions.

Newsom said they would store 2 million Misoprostol abortion pills following a Texas ruling. Judge Kacsmaryk, a Trump appointee from Amarillo, Texas, did not withdraw or suspend the approval of the chemical abortion drug or remove it from the list of approved drugs. He simply put a hold on approval of the drug, opting to sign an injunction directing the FDA to stay Mifepristone’s approval while there is an ongoing lawsuit challenging the drug’s safety.  Newsom is not concerned about the safety of women, he is concerned with his narrative.

Newsom responded by calling the ruling an extremist ban and saying they would provide an alternative in California,

“In response to this extremist ban on a medication abortion drug, our state has secured a stockpile of an alternative medication abortion drug to ensure that Californians continue to have access to safe reproductive health treatments,” Newsom’s statement added, “We will not cave to extremists who are trying to outlaw these critical abortion services. Medication abortion remains legal in California.”

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Newsom’s rant continued, “Abortion is still legal and accessible here in California, and we won’t stand by as fundamental freedoms are stripped away,” he said.

Newsom has attempted to draw people to California by promising to ensure their “rights” to access abortions. He has even placed billboards in seven states that restrict abortions with a tagline saying California “will defend your right to make decisions about your own health.”

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Following the 2022 overturning of Roe V. Wade, California vowed to become an “abortion sanctuary state” and said they may even use taxpayer money to fly women out to get abortions in the state. California has some of the laxest abortion laws in the country. The state forces private insurance companies to cover abortion procedures, which are covered by the state’s Medicaid program as well. The state also allows minors to get abortions without parental consent.

Perhaps abortion is Newsom’s strategic tactic to draw people back to California, a state that boasts high taxes, the highest homeless rate, and has businesses fleeing because of high crime.



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