Has Andrew Cuomo’s little bro gone silent because it hurts to watch big bro go down in humiliation? Quiet because he’s stunned or ashamed of how his governor/brother treated women? Or did he know all along that his brother was a creep and he’s bummed he’s been caught? Maybe he’s scared stiff after mistakingly assuming the Cuomo name insulated the brothers from having to answer to sexual assault and inappropriate behavior accusations.

Do you believe the women’s stories? Did you counsel your brother to malign them?

Whatever the reason, for the first time in his life Chris Cuomo isn’t talking. At least not to reporters. Maybe his old pal Michael Cohen could engage him again like he did when he secretly recorded the younger Cuomo, who admitted on tape that he’d been accused of sexual misconduct by co-workers from his time at ABC.

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DISRN reports,  In the leaked recording, Cuomo talks about cases where women during his time at ABC had accused him of inappropriate contact, saying things such as, “We bumped into each other once in the elevator” and, “He put his hands on my shoulder and made me really uncomfortable.”

Cuomo, who worked at ABC for 13 years before joining CNN in 2013, said reporters would often call to try to get dirt on him, comparing him to Charlie Rose, the longtime CBS anchor fired in 2017 for sexual misconduct allegations. He went on to deny any such misconduct, saying “Do I look like the kind of f—— guy who’s gotta do that?”

Carlson blasted Cuomo’s words, calling out what he sees as hypocrisy between Cuomo’s public persona and actual beliefs. Cuomo has regularly purported to be a supporter of the #MeToo and #BelieveAllWomen movements, lambasting others accused of sexual misconduct such as Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

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Now that the Democrats have put Andrew out to pasture and the Cuomo name has been sullied, it’ll be interesting to see if Fredo will go after conservatives with the same fervor, or if he’s been effectively neutered.

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