In a recent episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show”, Megyn Kelly revealed that she turned down a “huge offer” from CNN’s former president Jeff Zucker and discussed the reasons why she chose to stay away from the left-wing network.

On Friday’s episode, Kelly talked with conservative commentator Buck Sexton about CNN’s decline and its release of a new streaming platform, CNN+, which has accumulated very few subscribers. According to a CNBC report, CNN+ daily users barely reach 10,000.

“Who is the moron at CNN who actually thought, ‘You know what we need with our ratings in the toilet? More of us. We need more CNN,’” laughed Kelly.

“I do love all of the jokes about how while Elon [Musk] is offering to buy Twitter for tens of billions, there are lots of people out there right now who are willing to buy CNN+ for tens of dollars,” added Sexton.

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Sexton brought up the former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, who recently jumped ship for a show on CNN+, claiming that working for Fox had become “unsustainable”. Kelly then revealed that CNN similarly offered her a position at their network when she was in the process of leaving Fox.

Megyn Kelly and Buck Sexton on ‘The Megyn Kelly Show’

“I considered going to CNN. CNN made me a huge offer. Huge,” said Kelly. “I said no, Buck, because I knew: who is my fanbase going to be over there? I knew who my fans were and I knew that my Fox viewers were not going to follow me to CNN and that the CNN viewers were going to hate my guts.”

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“I understood, switching, sort of ‘political ships’ was not going to lead to success,” Kelly continued, “And I can see [Wallace] suffering from that very problem right now as CNN+ literally – the reports are that it has 10,000 subscribers.”

Kelly explained that she knew her fans were not going to follow her to CNN, and those who already support CNN were not going to watch her show on the network. This dilemma is something that Kelly predicts is affecting Wallace right now as he tries to develop a new following on his new platform.

WATCH the full podcast episode:

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