Former Navy SEAL and GOP Rep. Scott Taylor, R-Va., body-slammed #FakeNews CNN in an interview on Monday saying that they and the rest of the liberal media are “getting played” by President Donald Trump. He criticizes them for covering his tweets and not focussing on the “real issues”. “I think every time he does this you guys overreact — and I say you guys, I mean the media in general. You guys play right into his hands.”

“You guys are playing right into his hands. You overreact, and then he’s able to use that politically,” Taylor said. “You’ve got to start reporting on news. This is not really news.” He said the media needs to “talk about real issues”.

“You’re falling into a trap by covering tweets all the time. There’s a lot of news out there… There’s a lot of focus on health care, a lot of focus on veterans, a lot of focus on the South China Sea. There’s a lot of news out there to cover.”

Source: Washington Examiner

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