Talk about going to extremes to prove a point…A two-minute video titled “This will Save Lives” is painful to watch but somehow it’s also really hard NOT to watch such buffoonery.

Levi Tillemann is running in Colorado’s sixth congressional district. To show his support for the anti-gun movement, he somehow thought it would be a great idea to have someone videotaping him as he pepper sprayed his own eyes! Yes, his eyes! We’re wondering if his campaign manager talked him into doing this. If that’s the case, he needs to fire the guy ASAP.

One question…How is this going to further the case for gun control? Oh, this too…Would you vote for this guy?

This is Tillman’s statement below the video:

I’ve had enough of Democrats and Republicans talking past each other on gun control as kids, schools and communities pay the price in blood. That’s why I’ve worked with my team to develop a plan for active school defense measures. We absolutely need to fix America’s gun problem, but that might take a while. Let’s stop talking and start doing. We can protect students and teachers today. No solution is perfect, but this will save lives.

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