Already, there are five candidates running for the 2024 Republican nomination with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis expected to announce this summer as well.

So far, the candiadates are conservative talk show host Larry Elder, former South Carolina Governor and Trump administration official Nikki Haley, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, venture capitalist Vivek Ramaswamy, and, of course, former President Donald Trump.

In a field that is already getting crowded, another prominent figure floated the idea of running for President on Wednesday.

Former Texas Congressman and CIA officer Will Hurd said that he is considering running for the Republican nomination during a speech in Iowa.

He criticized Trump for being divisive and highlighted the need for a forward-looking vision for Republican candidates to be more successful in future elections.

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He governed as a moderate when he served and Congress and stuck to promoting moderate politics during his speech, saying that the Republican Party needs to compromise on key issues to attract Democrats and Independents.

Despite the field getting more crowded, Trump remains dominant in early primary polling.

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A recent CBS poll shows Trump with 58% support, while the next closest candidate, Ron DeSantis, gets 22% support.

None of the other candidates have received double-digit support in most primary polls, though former Vice President Mike Pence has typically landed in third place despite not officially declaring his candidacy.

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Former CIA official and Republican congressman Will Hurd expressed his frustration over the GOP’s current selection of potential presidential candidates, hinting that he might jump into the race himself.

On Wednesday, Hurd took particular aim at Donald Trump, lamenting the fact that none of the former president’s competitors posed a significant threat to him becoming the nominee again in 2024.

“The GOP will continue to lose to Democrats if Donald Trump is the nominee,” Hurd told Fox News at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Spring Kick-off. “No one is taking on Trump effectively, or presenting a vision for the future.”

Hurd acknowledged the hurdles associated with launching a presidential run, but stated nonetheless, “I’ve served my country before, and I won’t rule out the opportunity to do it again.”

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