The Florida midterm just took another crazy turn with the discovery at the Fort Lauderdale Int’l Airport of a box in the trunk of a rental car. This wasn’t just any box…

The AVIS Rental Car employee who found the box contacted FDLE. It turns out that the SOE (Supervisor of Elections) box found in the trunk was labeled “PROVISIONAL”, according to Laura Loomer who just tweeted out an exclusive photo:

The last person to drive the car was a Broward County SOE employee named Noah Holliman (photo below).

Laura Loomer reports: Source who is inside the Avis at Fort Lauderdale airport tells me that officers are now inside filling out paperwork looking at the boxes which reportedly are marked as SOE and “provisional”. Avis employee contacted FDLE after finding the boxes in a back of a rental.

Picture of Noah Holliman from Facebook – Yes, he’s with Andrew Gillum in the photo…

Holliman’s wife is connected to Broward County government:

Media was denied access to the area:

Did the Broward County Police Department shut down the airport because of the box labeled “provisional ballots” or was this a diversion by Sheriff Israel?

We will be providing updates on this breaking story.


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