Four years ago, Fox News hack Chris Wallace tried to destroy Donald J. Trump’s chances of becoming the Republican Party presidential candidate during a debate in Detroit, MI.

I attended the debate at the Fox Theater in Detroit, MI, and was stunned by how the MIGOP filled the venue with Jeb Bush and former Governor John Kasich supporters and at the arrogance of the Fox News debate moderator, Chris Wallace. Wallace attempted to paint Trump as a racist. Later, when Wallace was interviewed about his debate performance by Howard Kurtz he laughed about using vile criticism of sore-loser Mitt Romney to open the debate, adding that he felt like Romney’s criticism was “fresh” and “hadn’t been discussed in a prior debate,” so he used it. Wallace continued throughout the interview to trash Trump, likely believing Trump would never win the GOP nomination.

Now, four years later, Fox News is unleashing the Trump-hating host on President Trump again.

The LA Times reports – Fox News anchor Chris Wallace will be a moderator of the first debate between President Trump and his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, on Sept. 29.

The Commission on Presidential Debates has named Wallace, who anchors the weekly Washington roundtable program “Fox News Sunday,” and three other journalists to handle the events that will be broadcast across the major networks and cable channels.

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Wallace, 72, presided over the third debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton in 2016 and was widely praised for his handling of the event. He was the first Fox News anchor to ever moderate a presidential debate.

“His debate moderator performance is truly masterful and we are beyond excited to watch him brilliantly perform his craft once again,” said Fox News Media Chief Executive Suzanne Scott in a memo to staff regarding the announcement.

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Fox News has been widely criticized for the recent treatment of President Trump, leaving many to wonder what has happened to the cable news network that became wildly popular for refusing to toe the line of the Democrat Party, like practically every other media outlet in America.

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