The thrill seekers on motorcycles are putting lives at risk by traveling at speeds over 100 mph on the highway. As you’ll see in the video below, this nut job is weaving in and out of traffic going both ways. The video and more footage was confiscated when the police took the helmet cam from the guy they arrested.

“This is a frightening trend.”

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Sheriff Tom Knight took the opportunity to point out that there have been 84 traffic crashes involving motorcycles in Sarasota County since the beginning of the year.


It’s like footage from a movie or video game: The first-person view from a motorcyclist weaving in and out of traffic at speeds well over 100 miles an hour. But the footage is real — taken from a motorcyclist’s helmet-cam after his arrest — and deputies say these dangerous acts are happening too often.

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Sergey Baygulov was arrested on a charge of aggravated fleeing earlier this month. Sarasota deputies say he sped past a marked law enforcement vehicle before fleeing to his job, where he was later arrested.

As part of their investigation, detectives confiscated his helmet-mounted camera, which they say contains lengthy video showing him cruising along River Road and Interstate 75 in southern Sarasota County, exceeding speeds of 110 mph while darting in and out of traffic and coming inches from other vehicles, including a school bus.

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