The latest stunt by Nancy Pelosi is so outrageous that it was being called “fake news.” It’s true, and it happened today.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi presented George Floyd’s brother with a folded flag today, enraging families across America. The hashtag #FloydWasNoHero is trending on Twitter, and comments like the ones below are slamming Pelosi for this stunt. Many families of veterans commented about this stunt thinking it’s only reserved for the military but, another Twitter comment enlightened everyone that this is a Congressional “perk”…This is STILL outrageous because, as one woman said below, the flag was the only thing her family received upon her veteran father’s death. This cheapens the gesture no matter what.

Comments from Twitter:

-Pelosi is giving away one of the flags flown at US Capitol that was reserved for Congressmen to reward constituent or donors, one pole flies several a day to keep up w/ demand. It’s a Congressional perk not many know about.

-My father spent 27 dedicated years in the USNavy, the flag was the only thing our family received from the military upon his death. For Speaker Pelosi to pull this stunt should be condemned by our military brass.

-Incredibly disrespectful to those who have family members who have been lost while serving their country.

-That offends me. He did not die in service to our country as my Father did


Note that this is so outrageous that people thought it was fake…IT’S NOT.

George Floyd was no angel:

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