President Trump just got a bump in numbers in the Gallup poll making his job approval rating the highest it’s ever been in his presidency.

As hard as Democrats have tried to make President Trump look bad, public support has only increased during the coronavirus pandemic. Their efforts have backfired. This is also a sign that the president is doing a great job dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. His daily Coronavirus Task Force briefings have been fantastic and have shown a side of the president as a compassionate fighter for all Americans.

According to the latest Gallup poll, forty-nine percent of American adults approve of the job President Trump is doing as president.

His job approval rating at 49% is the best of his presidency.

Note in the chart below that the president’s approval rating was at 44% and is now 49%:

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What’s also positive is that the president’s approval rating among Independents and Democrats has increased slightly since earlier in March.

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President Trump’s approval rating among Republicans was already above 90% and remained that way.

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