Another feel good story of assimilation by Muslim refugees…

Dispute among asylum seekers escalates Yesterday evening (14 September 2015, around 9.10 p.m.), a 25-year old Eritrean stopped in a grocery on Englandstraße with his 24-year-old, eight-months-pregnant wife as well as two other Eritreans (21 and 23).

wooden cross

On leaving the REWE shop, a group of approx. 10 Algerians approach them. As one of the Algerians saw the wooden crucifix around his neck, he insulted him. Arguments between them all followed. One Algerian struck the 25-year-old several times with a glass bottle.

The pregnant woman was also struck. Some Algerians then left the scene, including the perpetrator with the bottle.

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When the police arrived one 21-year-old Algerian conducted himself so aggressively that he was taken into custody.

The 25-year-old who was injured also had his mobile phone and cash stolen in the course of the confrontation.

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The pregnant woman, the man and one of their two companions were taken to hospital with their injuries.

A 25-year-old Algerian was slightly injured and released from the hospital after outpatient treatment. Via: Presse Portal

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