With the French presidential election season heating up, conservative nationalist, Marine Le Pen is threatening to beat all of her competition to be President in the election next spring.  This is largely due to the illegal and legal Islamic immigrant crisis in Europe brought about by globalists since the 1990s as well as other globalist job-destroying policies.

Marine LePen pictured with French President Macron

Meanwhile, their current president, globalist Great Reset supporter Emanuel Macron has been nudging his rhetoric insincerely toward the right since the latest beheading by and Islamic immigrant of a teacher who displayed a cartoon in class. But don’t be fooled, Macron is not a moderate.  He and others in the EU have employed the same tactics as American globalists to smear Le Pen (and her father before her) as a racist for years.  The latest example of France’s  establishment attempting to silence Le Pen is an upcoming trial for (you guessed it!) hate speech because she is honest about Islam.  One paper said she used “violent messages that incite terrorism.”

Marine LePen is pictured casting a vote in a previous election

Hmmm…can you think of anyone else who, for purely political purposes, was falsely accused of inciting violence and terrorism?

If all of this does sound eerily familiar, it is no accident.  This is all part of a globalist establishment playbook that seeks to destroy the reputations and lives of anyone who prevents The Great Reset from happening.  And, so it should not surprise you that a mail-in voting scandal has cropped up in France, too.  Luckily, they learned from America’s grave missteps and have so far slapped down establishment advances toward tyranny.

Jack Posobiec of OANN did an interview with Jerome Riviere who is a member of the EU parliament and Chairman of the French Delegation of the Identity and Democracy Group.  During the interview, he asked Jerome about how France handles their elections.  The answer may surprise you.

Jack Posobiec interview French MEP Jerome Riviere

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JP: “How does France deal with mail-in ballots?

JR: “Since 1975, mail-in ballots have been banned from France’s electoral process because it is too easy to cheat…you cannot do mail-in ballots.  You can vote for someone if you have a specific paper that is filled out by that person and delivered to city hall…you can have a proxy for 1 person.  And it is checked.  You come with one piece of the document. Where you vote, they have to have the other piece of the document.  So it is a process that is very secure.”

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So, France has understood for decades that data shows that mail-in ballot are a breeding ground for “cheating” and deception and does not allow them.  In addition, they specifically do not allow ballot harvesting; you may only have one person per proxy vote.  No drop boxes or proxy voters with multiple ballots.  But why?

JR: “Mail-in ballots have been known in France to be a major way of cheating and not having a correct electoral process”

But, just like the globalist establishment in America, France’s Macron tried to sneak in illegitimate changes in the dead of night to ‘finesse’ his election, too.  In fact, it looks as though he used the American debacle as his template:

JR: “Macron must have found out how useful it is for the globalist agenda, and last week at 10pm on the Senate floor the French government introduced an amendment to a piece of legislation trying to allow early voting through machine voting”

So, globalist president Emanuel Macron sought to change the French voting rules late one night just prior to a difficult election season.  Are you getting déja-vu from the 2020 US elections?  If you aren’t yet, just wait–there’s more.

“He discovered suddenly because of Covid you could ‘jingle’ your way around and change the electoral process!  The Senators found out we very upset, and refused to pass this amendment.  But you can see that there is this tendency among the globalists to change the rule of law–to change the electoral process.  And, the only reason is that it allows more leeway to do things with the electoral process to cheat.

All around the world, globalist politicians and operatives continue to wield Covid as a weapon to weasel their way around established laws.  They all think alike.

JP: “Is there electronic machine voting in France?”

JR “We don’t find [machine voting] safe enough.  It is extremely complicated to have a safe process at such a large scale.  So, what we believe in in France is the fact that you come in in order to vote, you show your ID because a guy that comes in doesn’t know you so you have to explain who you are.  You show a simple identification paper–it’s for the whole country, every single election.  People need to know who you are.  And, then, you vote.  One man.  One person.  One vote.  That’s what democracy is all about.  

So, even in mostly-socialist France, they still have understood since the 1970s that machine voting is completely unsafe and that voter ID laws are paramount to election integrity.  Is there any sincere reason why American politicians cannot reach this same obvious conclusion?

“I am always baffled in the US when I could come in and I could vote for someone pretending I am someone else.  This is something that baffles people all over Europe–In France specifically because this is something we do not understand.  If you want something to be democratic, you need to know who votes.”

‘Baffled’ is very kind rhetoric.  It is enraging–not baffling, that establishment politicians in America allow and promote these voting methods that–according to even France–are prone to massive fraud.

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