Last week, General Motors employees holding handmade signs and American flags covered the sidewalk in front of the GM Tech Center in Warren, MI, to protest unconstitutional mandated vaccines.

Employees of General Motors, Ford, Stellantis (formerly Chrysler), many of whom work on assembly lines and are no strangers to standing up with their unions for workers’ rights, will protest in front of the MI OSHA office in Lansing, MI, on November 10 from 11 am- 2 pm.

The protest against mandated vaccines in Michigan will coincide with a 3-day nationwide protest from November 8-11, organized by human rights lawyer Leigh Dundas.

Epoch Times reports – The nationwide strike will kick off in Los Angeles on Monday. The locations of the marches have not yet been disclosed.

The walkouts involve people from various industries such as trucking and telecom. Air and rail transport workers are not federally allowed to go on strike due to a law passed in 1926 named the Railway Labor Act, but some plan to protest anonymously.

“The Golden Gate Bridge Rally is going to be an epic and unprecedented moment in time. It will mark—on Veterans’ Day evening—a 4-day Nationwide walkout, by rank and file workers everywhere, from blue-collar to white-collar, black, white, yellow, red, every faith, every creed, who are uniquely united despite their differences on one common truth: that vaccine mandates have no place in a truly free society,” Dundas told The Epoch Times.


“Every group: anti-vaccine, BLM, gay, straight, Jewish, Muslim, Native American, Asian, Latino, Christian, atheist—all groups—are coming together for this one historic moment in time—to trumpet not just to our own government, but indeed to the watching eyes of the world, that vaccine mandates will no longer be tolerated. That in this country, WE are the government because our founding fathers knew this truth: a truly free nation is a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people. That we are the leaders, we have been waiting for. And that today marks the day that we retire vaccine mandates as a concept that cannot live in a free society, and that we are, indeed, simply that: a free society.”

‘I Choose God’s Immunity’

Kristen Grace has been a Raytheon Systems Engineer for 18 years.

“I will lose my livelihood on December 8 because I won’t allow an experimental gene therapy to be injected into my bloodstream. I’ve recovered from COVID, and I work from home, but the government has claimed authority over my body and medical choices. I choose natural (God’s) immunity over government,” Grace said.

Brandon Childs has been serving for seven years in the Air Force, five years in active duty, and two years with the Arizona Air National Guard (ANG).

“I have stepped away from being ANG full time due to the mandate, and I was promised by my civilian job that they would never require the vaccine.

“However, as an army contractor, that changed within the last month. I’ve lost three family members in the last year, one being my father a week ago. I’ve put in RE’s [religious exemptions] at both and was told that the chances of being accepted are extremely dismal, and I will face what looks like a general or dishonorable discharge (with a clean military record) from one and termination for the other. Affecting the benefits I have worked for and bled for the country I love.”

How will unions respond to Democrats who are fighting to force vaccinate every American when it comes time to vote in 2022? Will Democrats finally lose loyal union voters over their authoritarian COVID mandates?


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