After collecting $10 million, GoFundMe has announced they will no longer serve as a donation site for the massive group of Canadian truckers protesting government COVID mandates and restrictions. In their statement to the truckers, GoFundMe referred to the peaceful protest as an “occupation” and claimed the protest included “acts of violence” and “other unlawful activity.”

The massive, peaceful convoy traveled across Canada to the nation’s capital last weekend for a pro-freedom rally. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was hiding under his bed after being exposed to COVID, called the huge group a “small fringe minority.” On Monday, the truckers headed to the Alberta-US border, where they are currently parked.

In their public statement, GoFundMe also explained that they would not automatically refund the donors. Instead, they said they would allow the truckers to keep the $1 million they collected earlier in the week, and the remaining $9 million would be donated to groups GoFundMe considers “credible,” and “established.”

Rebel News’ Ezra Levant blames Canada’s woke Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for GoFundMe’s decision to terminate the Truckers For Freedom haul of $9 million that was supposed to help sustain the truckers on the Alberta – US border.

GoFundMe is getting hammered on social media for collecting $10 million for their truckers on their donation site and then refusing to give the group the money raised for them.

The comments under a post by GoFundMe on Twitter that highlights a plumber helping an elderly lady are brutal.

Here are just a few examples of how social media is responding to the donation site that has a history of screwing conservatives.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton tweeted, “State attorney generals and relevant state officials should examine GoFundMe’s $9 million shell game that victimized the Canadian truckers and their supporters who gave money in good faith.

Popular conservative Robert Barnes tweeted, “This is fraud by GoFundMe—they should be criminally investigated & donors should bring a class action. ”

After receiving the stunning news, organizers for the truckers’ movement have started a new account with GiveSendGo, a Christian-based fundraising site. The organizers have set a goal of $16 million. They have already collected almost $300K.

The truckers, many of whom have been vaccinated, say they’re not anti-vax; they’re simply fighting for the rights of Canadian citizens to decide if they want to be vaccinated or wear a mask. The money raised for them is supposed to help truckers pay for food, lodging, and fuel for their big rigs.

UPDATE: After huge backlash, GoFundMe now says they will issue automatic refunds to donors.

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