GOP leader Kevin McCarthy raised concerns about Nancy Pelosi’s push for a fourth stimulus package to get what she “really wants”…More Pork!

McCarthy goes on to list a few of the items Pelosi is gunning for:

Nancy Pelosi is already talking about a fourth package “because she did not get in the things that she really wanted“

– To Change the Election Law
– The Green New Deal
– Make is pay for Planned Parenthood
– Expand Sanctuary City Laws


Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana gets it and has such a common-sense way of delivering his message to the American people.

His nuggets of truth wrapped in humor are a treasure.

Senator Kennedy didn’t disappoint this morning on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. He ripped into Nancy Pelosi and other politicians for their greed in taking advantage of the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill.

“Spending porn”…LOL!

Pelosi and others in the Democratic Party used the Coronavirus Bill to inject pork for their special interests. This is nothing new in D.C., but the fact that they used this urgent legislation to inject unneeded funds, is especially egregious.

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