Senator John Kennedy has a way of getting to the heart of the subject like no other.

He’s one smart cookie that knows how to shut the media up. Watch below as he shuts down Chuck Todd who continues to try and interrupt him at the end of the interview on MSNBC.

“It could be he’s just frustrated. And I understand why he’s frustrated. Um, I think that some, I don’t want to speak with too broad a brush, but some members of the House leadership, they’re just toying him.”

“I meant what I said. They need to urinate or get off the pot. Go ahead and impeach him if you think he deserves to be impeached. He won’t be convicted in the Senate. But, but stop toying him.”

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He gets his point across by saying he believes the House Ways & Means Chairman wants to see President Trump’s taxes to see how the IRS handles audits:

“Right…And Jimmy Hoffa died of natural causes…No one believes that.”

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