Democrats are on the cusp of flipping 40 seats in the House, solidifying what many prognosticators had long anticipated: a blue wave.

Does the GOP need to start looking more closely into the post-election results, or are Americans supposed to just sit back and accept the outcome of dozens of races that were flipped after the election in favor of the Democrats?

More than two weeks after Election Day, one unresolved race in California may yet be a pickup for the Democrats.

On Wednesday, Democrat TJ Cox had a slim 447-vote lead over Rep. David Valadao, R-Hanford. Polling guru Nate Silver cast doubt on whether Cox could make up the difference as ballot-counting is expected to extend into yet another week. -Washington Examiner

In another stunning upset by Democrats several days after the election, Wall Street reporter Ken Thomas tweeted about Republican Congresswoman Mia Love’s stunning loss to her Democrat opponent, Ben McAdams in Utah’s 4th congressional district.

Only one week ago, Mia Love looked like she was going to be the winner of the race, as she was considered the favorite to prevail against her Democrat opponent.

But, like multiple races where Republicans were favored to win across the United States, Love’s Democrat opponent pulled out a win in the 11th hour, with just enough votes to unseat her.

Republican incumbent Rep. Ludmya “Mia” Love has held the 4th Congressional District since 2015 — after losing a bid for the seat in 2012 — and has the distinction of being both the first black female Republican elected to Congress and the first Haitian-American to serve in Congress representing Utah.  –Daily Caller

Over two weeks ago, US citizens (and non-citizens) voted in the highly contentious midterm elections. As predicted, the GOP lost the House, but not by much. President Trump’s supporters helped to push many Republicans over the finish line in races where Democrats were dumping millions in dollars of out-of-state money into campaigns for candidates who were virtually unknown until they decided to run for seats in Congress.

So far, 39 US House seats have flipped from Republican to Democrat, many of them flipping after the election.

While Democrats are celebrating the loss of Mia Love, the first black, female Republican US Congresswoman, who lost to her white, male, Democrat opponent, many Americans are wondering why so many close House races are flipping to the Democrats several days, and even weeks after the polls closed on November 6th? And why do Democrats seem to be gaining the advantage in almost every race where the races were close and election workers relied on absentee or provisional ballots to flip the races?


“Marie” tweeted: Well as long as it took to count the votes democrats had plenty of time to fill out the 1000 votes the democrat needed to surpass Mia Love’s ballot count.

‘Syosett Kid” tweeted: Would you allow your car to be stolen? Where are the party lawyers? Wake-up a judge. See if anyone in the state of Utah still cares if their being played like a cheap harmonica

These are questions that need to be addressed before the general election in 2020, as many are convinced we are no longer able to assure voters of free and fair elections, especially in states like Florida.

Many are calling the last minute vote tallies that are virtually all favoring the Democrat Party, a “dry run” for 2020, suggesting that they’re perfecting the art of stealing the vote days and weeks after the election date.

“Simply Louisa” tweeted: I swear these were a practice run for 2020″

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