Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has called for “a change” in the Republican National Committee leadership, as RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel desperately tries to secure her fourth term. Meanwhile, her seat is threatened by two very popular conservatives, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell and attorney Harmeet Dhillon.

A recent survey by Rasmussen Reports revealed that less than 1-in-5 Republican voters want McDaniel to be reelected as RNC Chair. In fact, just 15% of likely Republican voters support McDaniel for another term. Lindell, however, has 30% of GOP voters’ support, and Dhillon has 20%.

In a recent video targeted at the 168 members of the RNC who will be voting for the next chair on Friday, Lindell explained why he should replace McDaniel.

“I’ve been out there involved more than anyone,” Lindell said. “I’ve worked with the grassroots, I’ve worked with the politicians, I think I’ve met just about every attorney general… I’ve been to 48 states over the last year.”

“I’ve set up a communication hub that needs to be set up within the RNC,” he continued. “The messaging needs to be better within the RNC, the marketing needs to be better.”

On Thursday, DeSantis spoke with Fox News, criticizing the RNC for its recent failures and advocating for new leadership to be chosen.

“We’ve had three sub-standard cycles in a row – ’18, ’20 and ’22 – and I would say of all three of those, ’22 was probably the worst given the political environment of a very unpopular President Biden,” said DeSantis. “Huge majorities of the people think the country is going in the wrong direction.”

“That is an environment that is tailor-made to make big gains in the House and the Senate and state houses all across the country and yet that didn’t happen, and in fact, we even lost ground in the U.S. Senate,” DeSantis continued. “And so, I think we need a change. I think we need to get some new blood in the RNC.”

DeSantis went on to praise Dhillon and her suggestions for the RNC. He said, “I like what Harmeet Dhillon has said about getting the RNC out of D.C. Why would you want to have your headquarters in the most Democrat city in America? It is more Democrat than San Francisco is.”

Harmeet Dhillon

“I think you get it in real parts of the country. You attract people who want to live in those parts of the country, not D.C. insiders,” he added. “But I do think we need some fresh thinking.”

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