Violent BLM protesters and ANTIFA radicals continue to stir the streets of Washingon state. On Sunday, a CONVICTED CHILD RAPIST was charged with felony assault rooting from violence at an ANTIFA and radical, left-wing protest in Olympia, Wash.

Shaelyn A. Reed, 20, is accused of striking a man on the head with a baton in front of Olympia City Hall, according to The Post Millenial. Video recorded of the assault shows the victim bleeding profusely from the head. Warning: graphic video below shows a male violently beaten with a baton. According to Olympia Police Lt. Paul Lower, Reed allegedly disposed of his weapon in a trash receptacle and changed clothes before being arrested. A juvenile was also arrested on misdemeanor assault charges and a third unnamed person is wanted by police.

WARNING: Graphic Video of Man Beaten with Baton.

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The felon is currently being held at the county jail on felony assault charges. Police believe he was also part of a violent group of rioters who destroyed property at an ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter protest in Olympia on July 5.

Before the bloody incident on Sunday, a few dozen ANTIFA and far-left, radical protestors countered a small, patriotic conservative rally. As the two groups met, insults and curses were tossed back and forth, with ANTIFA accusing the conservatives of being “fascists.” Video recorded at the scene shows far-left protesters physically blocking drivers from leaving the rally and photographing the cars’ license plates.

“The police were in City Hall watching what was happening, and they didn’t come out or respond because they’ve been instructed not to,” says Peter Diaz, who co-organized Sunday’s conservative rally. “We started waving the public through the parking lot to go around Antifa. They’re terrified—Antifa was banging on the cars.”

A group of masked protestors confronted a man, identified by first name Edward, before the brawl broke out in the street. A witness says Edward was pepper-sprayed, which led to an attack where he was beaten and hit on the head with a baton. The man was punched by a second protester and a third person who hits him repeatedly with a protest sign. As the man is kneeling on the ground and profusely bleeding, violent radicals continued to call him a “fascist.”

Edward was taken by ambulance to Providence St. Peter Hospital, according to the Post Millenial.

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