At the rally tonight in Pennsylvania, President Trump saw a man in the crowd wearing a brick wall suit and a MAGA hat and invited him up on stage to shake his hand.

You can see why these rallies energize the president because he sees how much America is behind him.

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Watch President Trump bring up a supporter of the wall:

He says, “can you get him up here…get him up here! Look at this guy!”

Then he says, “Now we know who he’s voting for…thank you very much.”

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Washington Examiner tweeted: At his rally in Pennsylvania, spots a big supporter of the border wall and calls him up to the stage to shake his hand.

This was a fun moment!

Here’s a different view of the happy guy pumping his hands in the air as he walks down the steps:

The man who was called on stage is Blake Marnell. He arrived at the rally early wearing the ‘wall’ costume and carrying a sign that read: “#BuildMe’.

Looks like President Trump is having fun with this.


Take a look at all of the MAGA hats in the background…Wow!

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