Hundreds of protestors gathered around the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, Tuesday after a rocket blast at a Gaza hospital reportedly killed hundreds of people.

Tensions heightened in the region following the blast, which Israel and Hamas cast blame upon the other.

“Police had to deploy tear gas to disperse the demonstrators who gathered outside the embassy hours ahead of President Biden’s arrival in neighboring Israel to show support for the Jewish state in its conflict with the terrorist group Hamas,” the New York Post reports.

Video footage shows fires at the grounds of the U.S. Embassy.

The New York Post reports:

One protester was seen on video posted to social media scaling a barbed-wire fence surrounding the building in order to attach a Palestinian flag to the embassy’s flagpole as fellow demonstrators cheered him on from below.

Elsewhere in Beirut, protesters descended on the French Embassy.

The dual demonstrations came just hours after Lebanon-based terror group Hezbollah called for “a day of unprecedented anger” in Beirut after the deadly explosion at the Gaza medical center.

The Hamas-run Health Ministry has claimed Israel was responsible for the hospital blast, while the Israel Defense Forces blamed a failed Hamas rocket for the carnage that Gaza authorities said left 500 dead.

The strike marks the deadliest single incident during Israel‘s war against Hamas, which broke out after the terrorist group invaded the Jewish state on Oct. 7 and slaughtered at least 1,400 people.

“U.S. citizens in Beirut should avoid the Awkar area on October 18 given the potential for further demonstrations following protests on October 17. The U.S. Embassy remains open for business. We are prioritizing providing consular services to U.S. citizens in Lebanon,” the U.S. Embassy Beirut said.

The U.S. State Department warned Americans “Do Not Travel” to Lebanon following the chaotic riots.

From the U.S. Embassy In Lebanon:

U.S. citizens in Beirut should avoid the Awkar area on October 18 given the potential for further demonstrations following protests on October 17. The U.S. Embassy remains open for business. We are prioritizing providing consular services to U.S. citizens in Lebanon.

The Department of State reminds citizens to avoid demonstrations and exercise caution if in the vicinity of any large gatherings or protests as some of these have turned violent.

We have updated our Travel Advisory to Level 4: Do Not Travel – the full text of the Travel Advisory may be found here: Lebanon Travel Advisory . The Department of State urges U.S. citizens in Lebanon to make plans to depart as soon as possible while commercial options are still available.

The Department of State urges U.S. citizens not to travel to Lebanon. We recommend that U.S. citizens in Lebanon make appropriate arrangements to leave the country; commercial options currently remain available. We recommend that U.S. citizens who choose not to depart prepare contingency plans for emergency situations.

After the blast, riots ensued at various embassies in the region.

Robby Starbuck wrote:

Angry mobs are forming in front of a bunch of American, European and Israeli Embassies tonight. Some are pushing past security and starting fires.

Videos of some

US Embassy In Beirut, Lebanon

US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq

French Embassy In Tunisia

Reports of Turkey and Yemen protests outside of western Embassies right as Iran’s embassy just posted “Time is up” on @X.

This could get ugly fast. Does anyone feel safe knowing Joe Biden’s at the helm right now to protect our country & embassies?

Collin Rugg commented:

NEW: Chaos erupts across the Middle East after explosion kills hundreds at a Gaza hospital.

Beirut, Lebanon: Pro-Palestinian protesters swarm US embassy. Reports of tear gas & fires.

Istanbul, Turkey: Protesters breach Israeli consulate.

Iran: President Raisi threatens “the flames of US-Israeli bombs” will soon “consume” Israel.

Amman, Jordan: Israeli embassy reportedly stormed by a mob.

Tehran, Iran: Massive crowd forms outside of the British embassy.

Baghdad, Iraq: Reports of massive protests in the streets.

Daily Mail reports:

The protesters in Beirut have been pushed back into the streets surrounding the US Embassy, where they continue to clash with the Lebanese military and yell ‘f**k you America!’

As the Beirut riot escalated, President Biden embraced Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in neighboring Israel in the latest show of US support in its ongoing conflict with Hamas, whipping up anti-American rage elsewhere in the Arab world.

In Adana, Turkey, protesters hurled fireworks and Molotov cocktails while they chanted ‘Allahu Akbar’ on Tuesday night. The US Consulate in Adana is now closed.

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, a bomb threat against the US Embassy triggered an emergency evacuation of surrounding buildings. It remains unconfirmed if the threat was credible.

There were also anti-West protests against Britain and France in other Middle Eastern countries.

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