Greg Gutfeld has done a great job of calling out the media and politicians for jumping on the lie that border agents are whipping illegals. The leftist media, including one race-baiting PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor, pushed the narrative during a White House press briefing, and Jen Psaki ran with it. The media and politicians are counting on Americans to be ignorant of the fact that the item in question seen in photos is NOT a whip but the reins. The reins are used to direct a horse and are long straps usually made of leather and attached to a bridle.

The lie spread like wildfire because the left took it and ran with it. Biden and Harris also pushed the lie as a way to deflect from the literal invasion at our southern border that they caused.

The commentary from Gutfeld below is excellent. Much like Tucker Carlson, Gutfeld uses sarcasm and humor to get his point across:

Border agent doing his job and NOT whipping illegals:


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