A police chase took a wild turn when the driver being pursued turned a corner too fast and hit a utility pole. The impact sent him careening into another utility pole which snapped at the sight, causing it to crash down with sparks flying.

The suspect was being pursued initially for a mere traffic violation but started driving erratically to evade police. The cops backed off a bit to avoid causing an accident, but the driver continued to speed, narrowly avoiding other cars and blasting through intersections.  His joy ride came to an abrupt halt after hitting the first pole and taking out the second. His car ended up, upside down with its passengers still inside.

One by one, the 5-occupants crawled out of the wreck with their hands in the air and backed up toward police who had guns pointed at them.

The ordeal was caught by multiple people at different angles.

Watch this ground-level capture of the incident. Here is the translation of the tweet: “This is not a video game, this is Los Angeles! A chase in EchoPark ended with this shocking crash that knocked down a light pole due to the high speed of the vehicle that was being followed by the police; the passengers were apparently unharmed.”

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Here’s a helicopter view of the ordeal:

Another angle:


Reportedly 3-of the 5-occupants required hospitalization.

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